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Hinsdale Community Rowing is dedicated to the protection and health of our river, the surrounding flora, and wildlife.  HCR holds and annual Earth Day river clean up and regularly monitors the river for floating debris and garbage.  We are proud to be a part of the river's well being and invite any member of the public to help out with our Earth Day event.  Below are are a few photos that demonstrate the amount of trash we find and remove.

We row on the Des Plaines River at the base of Madison Avenue.  The river is a living thing.  It changes every day and seems to have its own personality.  Below are the nearest height gauge readings.  The height is updated daily.  The ideal height seems to be somewhere between 13 and 15 feet.  A variance is no problem, but sometimes the river is too low or too high.  We keep a close eye on the movement of the height.


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