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I am so excited to have found HRC! I’m an adventurous 47 year old Nurse Practitioner and mom of 2 boys (10 and 12). We live in Winfield. I would not describe myself as “athletic” but I am active. I’m 5’10” but too clumsy for organized sports. 🤪 Yoga and cycling have been my go-to activities for years. Unfortunately, a laundry list of injuries has led me to indoor cycling and the purchasing of my new indoor rower last winter. (❤️ NordicTrack!) I fell in love with rowing and immediately began searching for a way to get on the water. So, after a Google search, here I am.

My best days for rowing are Thursday/Friday late afternoons/evenings and anytime on Saturday. I would love to compete at some point if a casual event came along. I’m more looking for a Tshirt and post-race cocktail than a trophie. 🤓 Thanks for having me and see you on the water!!!

kimberly Mulvey

kimberly Mulvey

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