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Come visit our boathouse and see what it is all about.


High School Rowing has come to the Western Suburbs for Boys and Girls. 

If you are interested in rowing with The Hinsdale Community Rowing Junior's Program

and would like more information, please fill out the info request below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible (your information will NOT be shared with any outside organizations) 

Let's Get Started!
Winter Training 2024

The HCR Junior's Program offers a complete rowing program for high schoolers, regardless of previous experience. You will learn the essentials of rowing with conditioning on land, strengthening and technique on rowing machines (ergs) in the Winter and, of course, in boats on the DesPlaines River at the base of Madison Ave. in Burr Ridge in the Spring & Fall.

 Winter Practice will begin on January 4, 2024 @ 4:30pm

We will be meeting at TPS Sports + Fitness, 8300 Wolf Road, Willow Springs, IL 60480. 


TPS is a well equipped gym with lots of space and should be very accommodating to our program. The junior rowers will need to join TPS at the student rate of $39/month (paid monthly -$117 total) for 3 months (this is not an annual membership).   Juniors can stop by the gym, or call 708-330-5544, to join. 14-18 year students can exercise there by themselves as long as a waiver is signed by their parents.  

In addition to the Junior's gym membership there will be a  charge of $450 per athlete for club fees. This will be spent on Coaches' membership to the gym, insurance, and hopefully the purchase of some new boats and oars. 


HCR Juniors will follow US Rowing’s Safety Guidelines (dated 12.01.2022) -

These Guidelines include safety considerations for the Organization of HCR, the coaches, the athletes, rowing conditions, the equipment and emergency procedures.  

We are a member of US Rowing and are therefore covered by their insurance policy with Willis Towers Watson. 



The majority of young athletes love to compete. As coaches we are committed to creating a positive, competitive environment which is energetic and fun. 


We believe the environment is better when athletes:  

  • commit to train over a period of months as part of the team, 

  • do their best each and every day, 

  • attend every day and be on time, 

  • are respectful to their teammates, their coaches and their environment, 

  • have a competition schedule and training plan detailed, 

  • know and understand what is expected of them, 

  • are encouraged positively and 

  • are able to accept failure and constructive criticism in a safe environment 

  • are able to celebrate success in all its forms appropriately


We are focused on helping our athletes become mature, resilient and empathetic young adults. 


Indoor racing:

We propose to compete at the following indoor events in Winter of 2024: 

  • 2/10/24 - Southside Smackdown - Chicago

  • 2/24/24 - Chicagoland Shiver - Lombard


Spring ‘24.

We hope to get back on the water before April 1st 2024, but it is completely weather and water temperature dependent.  


Registration Documentation

As part of a student's commitment to joining HCR Liability Waivers will need to be signed, and an athlete and parent code of behavior agreed to. For the Spring Season 2024 swim test certification will need to be provided before the 1st of March. 


Volunteer Obligations and Opportunities

Since we are a volunteer non-for-profit organization we rely on our members to maintain our rowing shells, launch boats, engines, dock, boathouse, storage areas, recruit and teach new members, how to row if necessary, drive trailers to regattas, fundraise, administer and organize social occasions. In the future volunteering opportunities and/ or obligations may form part of any ongoing memberships.  If you have a particular skill that you think could assist the club please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Morgan sculling 2.jpg

Feel free to stop by and see the boats and our river access right here in Burr Ridge:


Hinsdale Community Rowing Boathouse

9951 South Madison Street

Lemont, IL 60439

Go South on Madison until you dead end at the river - seriously, all the way south, then turn right into the parking lot.

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